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Have your customers experience your events from anywhere through professional Live-streams

High-impact. Conversion focused.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Save time by training your team in one event, and make money with a pay-per-view or monthly subscription model.

Repurpose your livestreams by turning them into social media micro-content, sales presentations, blogs, ebooks, courses and infographics.

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Our team arrives a day or week prior to setup our gear and ensure your Wifi connection with our system.


Our crew consisting of: a Director, Switcher, Audio Tech(s), Camera Operator(s) and Editor(s) will make the entire process of production smooth and seamless.


The beauty of live-streams is the ability to record your events and repurpose them into bite-sized content for social media or turn them into courses.

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Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

"This guy is the bees knees. Trust me when I say that if he didn't have a girlfriend I'd be all over that like white on rice."


Trusted by brands of all sizes:
Get the most of our your video asset

Get more out of your


Here are just a few more ways you can utilize videos to see even better results in your business.

  • Increased oppourtunity to partner with sponsors
  • Replayable content (users can always go back to what happened)
  • Available on mobile and computers (as long as you have wifi)
  • Distraction Free Streaming
  • Accurate representation of your products
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Better analytics and KPI's on Conversions
  • Privacy and Security
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Check outwhat our clients say

“Brand Stories is far more cost-efficient, with a far better output, and they turn projects around quickly. They are a hack to growing your customer base."
“... a joy to work with, and more importantly, hyper-focused on delivering impactful results."
“...and the quality of their work continues to have a resounding effect on our communications and advertising.”
“...and the quality of their work continues to have a resounding effect on our communications and advertising.”
“...and the quality of their work continues to have a resounding effect on our communications and advertising.”
Dyanimic Strategy. Compelling Visuals


As your content partner, you won't just get another production company: Instead you'll get a partner in marketing and business.

Lean & Mighty Crew

Our team comes to you. We shoot & edit everything right here in City. No outsourcing required.

Quick Turnaround.

Money loves speed. From concepting and storyboarding, to shooting and editing. You'll get your final assets ASAP.

Always on-brand

From colours and fonts, to messaging and tone. Your video will fit in with your brand experience

Targetted for the One

We'll make videos for every stage of your customer's journey: from awareness, to conversions, and retention.

What do you get?
Starting at
  • Access to over $100k Camera and Audio Equipment
  • Director to orchestrate production
  • Switcher for Camera switching
  • Camera Operator(s)
  • Audio Technician(s)
  • Editor(s) for post-production and Real Time editing
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